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Resume & Online Portfolio


On the road to Ithaca, NY


About Me

An Experienced, Versatile Marketer

  • 20 years of technical B2B marketing for SaaS, eLearning and desktop software
  • Experience covers product development through to post-launch advertising
  • Dedicated to content-based demand generation

Larry GoldmanA Leader by Example

  • Enthusiastic, goal-oriented manager
  • Reputation for participatory leadership and cross-functional collaboration
  • Build and lead successful marketing teams

Dedicated to Data-based Decisions

  • What isn't measured doesn't get done.
  • I do love data and understand operational excellence techniques
  • All campaigns should have metric and goals.

With A Serious Skillset

  • Highly proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Expertise includes online, search, social media and content marketing
  • Huge proponent of marketing automation (Marketo and

Passionate about Communication

  • Effective communication: concise, brand aligned and a driver to action
  • B2B marketing should be creative
  • "Know thy customers first." Speak in their language, about their issues

Seeking a Denver-area Employer

  • I am pursuing a strategic marketing leadership role
  • Seeking an energetic, growth-oriented organization that seeks to quickly ramp up its marketing team and brand presence
  • Short commute: I'd rather spend my time driving marketing success than driving my car

The ideal company will have: a clear commitment to support marketing, open communication, management transparency, an ethical foundation, balance between personal and work life, and a drive for continuous improvement. Is this your organization?

Summary of Expertise

  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Marketing
  • Team Building and Management
  • Brand Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Competitive and Market Assessment
  • Process Improvement

Examples of Work

Below is a selection of more recent examples of my marketing work.

I am - and have always been - a HUGE proponent of content marketing. Much of what you see below was created to draw attention, establish brand leadership, and educate prospects and customers.

Datasheets, Case Studies & Brochures

Content Marketing - Webcasts

As VP Marketing at, I launched and moderated a series of 34 bcontinuing education Webcasts (from 2010-2013) on a variety of topics, with internal, customer, and partner speakers. The primary goals of the content series were extending the MoreSteam brand and generating leads for the Master Black Belt training with The Ohio State University. Visit Webcasts Page


I scripted and directed the production of the following videos:

White Papers

Blog Posts (Selection)

Web Design

  • Dizzion (2016) - Visit Site - rebranded and set up entire WordPress site
  • Windward Studios (2015) - Visit Site - directed revision of site layout, blog consolidation, and site flow
  • MoreSteam Web site (Dec. 2011) -- Visit Site - responsible for overall design, branding, coding, copy, SEO, social
  • MoreSteam German-language Web site (Aug. 2012) -- Visit Site - reduced English site and configured for translation

Print Ads

Publications & Articles

  • "Agent Access and Work@Home: 2016 is the Year of the Virtual Agent" - ICMI Guest Blog (2015)
  • "Turn over Call Center Staff without Turning over the Data" - ICMI Guest Blog (2015)
  • The Blended Learning Playbook - co-authored, edited and published in 2009 as campaign to establish thought leadership in Blended Learning training - Visit Site - On (ISBN-10: 0615323162)
  • "Applying Process Improvement to Training," Quality Digest (10/12 ghost wrote for Bill Hathaway) - Visit Article
  • "Monte Carlo Simulation: Why You Should Use it," European CEO Magazine (10/04 ghost wrote for Jim Franklin) - Download PDF

Humorous Examples


Contact Information

Tel: 303.803.2516
Twitter: @larrygoldman
Blog: Wry Considerations

Consider this:
"Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing that a tomato doesn't belong in a fruit salad." - Miles Kington
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